Distress Alert Transmitter (DAT)

Product Description

The AZDAT series is INSAT based DISTRESS ALERT TRANSMITTER (DAT) from Azista Industries Private Limited is used to transmit emergency conditions and position location to a central HUB station via UHF transponder of INSAT for rescue operation. It can be easily installed in boats or other vehicles. In case of emergency, user just needs to switch on the DAT unit. User is required to select a message (e.g. Fire/Boat Sinking/Medical Help/Man Overboard) by pressing the corresponding switch provided on the system. The DAT combines the message with position of the boat obtained through GPS, and transmits the same to a central HUB station. The DAT repeats the message every minute for first five minutes and then every five minutes till it is switched off manually or until the battery life gets over. The DAT has a battery life of 24 to 48 hours after activation.

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